: full disc wheels

06-03-11, 09:45 PM
am looking for full disc wheels. no spokes if possible. kinda like the old cragar SST wheels. or centerline if you prefer. anyone seen or know of FWD rims that look like that?

06-03-11, 09:54 PM
Ask Cragar - they still make a couple of variations on the theme. I wonder if Cragar is still U.S. ?

Disc brake cooling problems ?

06-04-11, 11:01 AM
a set of standard offset rwd 15" rims might fit on a seville. the wheel would end up slightly outboard vs the standard seville rim. if you kept the tire size modest, it might look ok and drive ok. have a friend with a new challenger and he is looking for the sst style wheels but his rims are huge. 18-19" i think. colorado custom or foose might be the ticket but expensive.

08-20-11, 03:46 PM
Look into rims called "smoothies", basically a smooth looking chrome dish, no spokes, no wires.