: Seat control bezel keeps breaking!

06-03-11, 04:25 AM
In my '06 XLR-V the housing for the seat controls mounted on the side of the seat seems to be flimsy. In Oct 09 although the controls worked fine it became loose The dealer told me the issue could not be fixed by tightening up a screw because the seat controls are one piece so I had to replace the whole thing, costing over $500.

Since then I've been extremely careful getting in & out of the car but recently the seat controls have become loose again. Anyone else had this problem? Seems crazy to have to replace the entire piece because it's loose, despite the fact that the seat controls work perfectly!

06-03-11, 09:50 PM
You're right --the finish panel (bezel) is very flimsy. It's attached with screws through a couple of tabs. The tabs can break and the whole assembly will just sort of hang there. It's easy to pull the seat and inspect it if you want to see what's wrong. It takes about ten minutes. Just be sure to protect the sill plate from the seat feet. The seat is a lot heavier than it looks (about 60#.)

Pull the SDM fuse (#18 located under the passenger toe panel) to prevent inadvertant air bag deployment. Slide the seat forward. Pull the push pins from the front shoes covering the seat feet and slide them forward to remove. Then use an 15mm socket to remove the four nuts securing the seat, and remove the seat belt anchor stud nut (15mm.) Raise the seat high enough to disconnect the connectors (two have keepers installed) and If you're lucky, it will be a loose fastener.

Hope this helps.