View Full Version : Northstar swap transmission please help

daniel flett
06-03-11, 12:12 AM
i have swapped and 1999 deville engine,complete wiring,dash and interior into a 1956 chevy.i need to know if the stock computer will run a 2008 4l70e.i have the motor and trans bolted up and mounted.the reason i used the 4l70e is because it has a turbine speed sensor like the 4t80e. i have compared the transmission wiring the only difference is the 4l70e has one extra wire a called a 3-2 shift wire.so as long as the trans has the shift solenoids,line pressure control,tubrine/input speed sensor and output speed sensor wires hooked up will the computer control it or will there be major differences in the 1999 4t80e sensors,line pressure,torque converter control and solenoids. can anyone give me some info on how the systems work.any help would be great!!!!

06-03-11, 08:35 AM
wow. mounting a FWD motor in a RWD chassis is hard enough. using the stock engine computer and trans computer and replacing the trans with another make/model is probably going to have issues. there are a couple members here who have installed N* motors in streetrods and used similar trans. maybe they will show up.