: yet another question

06-02-11, 11:37 PM
I found a fuse that provides constant power, so i took a long wire--extended the 12v constant wire from my headunit, and tapped into that fuses power.
my headunit now works perfectly--it used to lose its presets. it even used to cause alot of clipping in my speakers when it got too loud. Now it gets way louder with no distortion or clipping! how could this be?

My question is this:
could it be a fire hazard hooking my stereo up to this fuse? I think its called the 'convenc' fuse or something. I think it stands for 'convenience'?
ive only had it in for a few hours, so could it drain my battery overnight?

thank you!

06-04-11, 10:12 AM
Like I said in the other post it would of been a good idea to connect directly to the battery, you could possibly see even better results in audio quality, etc and if you want you can put a fuse on that wire if you want. What happened was the power cable you used before must have been less then 12V and the presets would reset because every time you shut off the car the power to the old 12V would get cut off as well which is why it's not a 12V constant.