: How to install Metra GM Factory Integration Adapter

06-02-11, 03:30 PM
Hey guys I have a 93 Seville with this wiring kit and I was wondering if anyone has a step by step process of wiring the kit from the back to the front radio? Or if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks

06-03-11, 09:57 AM
A few of us here have successfully used this harness, and have been happy with the results.

Here are some of the threads:



The second one actually has the step-by-step details that I used to make mine work, although I did NOT have the Bose amps - just the Head Unit, so I decided to run my own speaker wire. If your system is Bose all around, then the Metra harness will work out of the box. Follow the advice to get ground loop isolators, and install as part of the upgrade. Almost a certainty that you'd be back opening up the console to install these later.

It's really not that difficult to do this. I found that there was plenty of room on the passenger side of the car to run this harness, and there was enough length on the wires.

Good Luck! You'll enjoy the results.

06-03-11, 11:47 AM
Thats great man thanks a ton, I will begin reading these now and looking at what I need. I also do not have the Bose system, im thinking it is the Delco. I know Bose and this isnt Bose haha.

06-03-11, 02:43 PM
That's actually great news, as you won't have to deal with low-level signals, and you won't need to ground loop isolators, since you'll be using the high level outputs from your new head unit.