View Full Version : Saw something weird today...

06-01-11, 12:30 PM
This Suburban appears to have a Silverado front end. I always wondered why this was never done with the '03 truck update. But this one has Mexico plates. Did they do this in other countries but not the US because I know other countries? I know sometimes American cars are different in other countries.

I think it looks cool though. :)



06-01-11, 12:32 PM
it looks custom, see how the paint doesnt match exactly?

06-01-11, 12:33 PM
that or photoshop, also notice where the bumper meets the fender, doesnt look right to me

edit: wait you took that pic right, haha talk about real-time photoshop

06-01-11, 12:57 PM
wait untill your sitting at a light in tampa and you look to your left and see a cadillac BLS

06-01-11, 01:00 PM
Yeah I saw it with my own eyes!

cadillac kevin
06-01-11, 03:02 PM
Its a custom job. the paint from the firewall forward doesnt match the rest of the truck. also it appears to have been wrecked at some point (notice panel mismatch on bumper to fender and grille to hood on left side of truck)

06-01-11, 07:47 PM
The front ends are interchangeable. I've seen several Silverados with Escalade front ends.

06-01-11, 11:13 PM
That's correct Mexican market Suburbans got that frontend.

06-02-11, 03:40 AM
Yep, and in my opinion it looks horrible. That heavily squared front end doesn't mate well with the very rounded edges of the T9xx SUVs. Plus, the bumper looks like a disaster even on one that isn't wrecked, though that's the same bumper on the trucks too.



06-02-11, 03:43 AM
^ I always thought the cat's eye restyled front end looked tragic on the pickup trucks as well. It just doesn't flow well with all the curvy sheetmetal on the trucks.