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05-31-11, 03:59 PM
Hey, this is my first car and i put an aftermarket headunit in it. I got the wrong wiring harness, so I had to mix and match all the wires to the headunit.
The problem I have is that every time I turn off the car, I lose my presets--meaning that there is no constant power, right? Supposedly there is some problem with the factory constant power wire where it shuts off after 15 minutes until you open a door. This leads me to believe the guys who installed it knew this, and connected the extra wires or something. I'm by no means an expert in stereo wiring, especially in cadillacs.

There was one forum entry entitled "1996 Deville Stereo Install" that pretty much addresses the issue, but I am not sure if the red wire from the right side is the power windows, because i am not getting the retained accessory power feature (RAP=radio stays on even after you take the key out for 15 minutes)

I wasn't actually the one that installed the stereo, but I'm trying to learn how to do the wiring myself because I'm adding an extra subwoofer and will put a stereo in my friends car soon to save him some money.
Anyways, it looks like the guy that put my stereo in hooked the red and yellow wires from my headunit (constant 12V and acc. power) to a bunch of other stuff. I will try to explain this.

From the LEFT side of the dash there is a bunch of wires, probably 20 or so.
There is an orange, orange/black, and green wire specifically.
From the RIGHT side of the dash, there is a red wire, i have no clue where its from.
from the HEADUNIT focus on the yellow constant 12V and red acc. power wire

Green wire from left is taped with RIGHT side red wire, but green wire comes out the other side of the tape. i did not look inside this tape to see if they are connected or anything. The green wire then connects into a bunch of taped together wires, including:
The orange, orange/black, and the green i just mentioned. These are all taped to the red and yellow from the headunit.

The lack of the RAP feature does not bother me, what does bother me is that I have to reset my stereo settings including bass boost and stuff every time i turn on the car!

So my questions are:
1) what is the red wire coming from the right side of the dash?
2) What is the green wire coming from the left side of the dash? The diagrams online say it should be one of the speakers, but i replaced all of the speakers in the car
3) What can i use as a 12V constant power source, and HOW DO I WIRE IT?

Thanks so much!

06-01-11, 07:41 AM
get a 16 gauge wire and connect it directly to the battery to the +12v constant on your radio, that should be the best constant power source.

06-02-11, 11:33 PM
nevermind, fixed the problem.
ran a 14gauge wire from constant power wire on headunit to a fuse in the fusebox thats constantly 12v.