: Car wont move

05-29-11, 04:29 PM
93 fleetwood rwd. car had been making a clunking noise randomly at different rpms and i couldnt find a way to trigger it so i figured it was a loose exhaust or something banging. i went to start it the other day and it turned over but would run. almost like it was flooded. i went to jump start it because the battery was getting weak for one last hoorah. it started and ran fine. the next day i went to start it and was greeted with a very loud clacking so loud neighbors came outside concerned. i turned it off let it sit for a few minutes and same thing again. iturned it off and went inside frustrated. i went to start it again about an hour later and no clacking...but now the car wont move. trans was replaced by me and my dad about 1 year and a half ago with a spare 700r4 that i had laying around. adjusted tv cables correctly since we have both done before.

plz help

05-29-11, 04:33 PM
also the only problem i had previously was a lack of power at high rpms. i thought i was a cracked distributor cap...could this have been my trans slipping?

05-29-11, 06:27 PM
Torque converter bolts?

05-29-11, 10:17 PM
^Either that, or the pump got shredded.

05-30-11, 01:03 AM
what pump are you talking about? im checking the tc bolts and flywheel tommorrow

05-30-11, 02:26 AM
Transmission pump... Supplies pressure... Makes things happen...

05-30-11, 09:06 AM
tht doesnt seem like it would explain the loud noise though would it?

05-30-11, 10:19 AM
The transmission pump is in the bell housing and is powered directly by the engine. It is unlikely, but still possible for the pump to break and cause a metallic thudding sound. The most likely cause is a damaged/loose torque converter, as that supplies the transmission with engine power.