: Mobile One Extended...

05-28-11, 08:50 PM
OK Guys, Haven't read about this in "THIS" forum so here goes.
There is a NEW Mobile One out, labeled Mobile One Extended Mileage.
The major factor I see instantly is it is good for 15,000, maybe now,
most of you STS owners will consider it, a Normal, and not frosting
on the cake. I also hope it is within everyones wallet to use it, as
it "IS" recommended by Cadillac, and on the Oil filler cap.
Remember to still look for the Sheriff's badge on the oil can.
This badge signifies it meets Cadillac's spec for oil.
"For Gasoline Engines" is on the badge.


05-28-11, 09:33 PM
I just bought some of that the other day. There are a couple of new formulas. Extended Performance and Advanced Fuel Economy. There was also a High Mileage formula, but I think it has been around a while.

05-28-11, 10:56 PM
I had a Suzuki Grand Vitara, the V-6 one, on 15K mile changes on regular old Mobil 1. Never had an issue which was oil-related.

My wife's '02 RX300 has been on 10K changes, save for one 15K change, since it became her's with 30K miles on it. Has 90K+, now. Doesn't use more than a couple of ounces over said time frame.

The E320 has 175K on it, and I have it on 15K mile changes using C4 diesel oil. Sometimes synthetic, sometimes not...depends on what is available in gallon jugs. Like the STS, it holds more than "normal", 8 quarts in this case.

With the STS, I'm going to abide by the oil life indicator, at least initially. I think mine shows 87% left, though I don't know exactly when it was changed last. Sometime in the last couple-thousand miles, I'm pretty certain.

05-31-11, 04:05 PM
If it says 'GM4718M' on the container, the 5W30 grade is approved for use in the 2005 & up N*. Otherwise, it is an unapproved oil and technically violates the OEM warranty.

'GM6094M' is approved for the 2005-2007 3.6 V6. I don't know if the DI V6 spec is different.