: HI, What a Site... P.S. I need your help...

10-13-04, 01:41 PM

First of all I would like to say "Hi" to all the Cadillac Enthusiasts out there. I have just recently become an owner of a 1995 Cadillac Sedan Deville and am really excited to eventually drive it (I bought it totaled with 50K miles on it...).

My father started this a couple of years ago when he bought a near new Eldorado as a rebuilder with a front collision (wiring harness was torn out of it to be replaced... he spent a lot of time with a test lite and tracing wires). That car is AWESOME. Like most young people we see a Cadillac and think "Old People Car"... No offense ment but it's the truth... Ask almost any person under 25... That car completely changed my perception. It is the truest combination of comfort and power I have ever driven. After driving his I realized that I definately wanted one, I loved it... For my family I thought that a 4 door Sedan would be perfect so I started looking and snagged my first Cadillac on E-Bay for about $750! (Transport from Texas was a bit expensive, but for the condition it was worth it...)

Now comes the part where I need a little help...

This car was in a semi-bad collision in the rear and the bumper is folded into the trunk.
I'm a poor college student with a wife and a kid who desperately need a good reliable vehicle. . . (I have a 92 Olds Achieva that constantly overheats and an 88 Pontiac Grand Prix that has constant electrical problems, typical issues like the electronic dashboard wiggin out and things like that...)
Basically my cars are junk... I'm sick of it and decided that a car with under 150K Miles was needed...

The parts new wouldn't be too bad, but getting the rear end of the car cut where I need it by a junkyard would be difficult... Also it would be nice to have all the little screws and clips, etc, etc to fix the car.

In Short I am asking that If anyone sees a 94-96 Deville for sale for a good price, I don't care if the engine is blown, front end caught on fire, ran over by a train, 400,000 miles... etc etc as long as it has a good rear end ..., please let me know.

Preferably in the North Western United States (Washington, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Northern California...) Running or not.

Basically lookin for a salvage car that I can cut up and use.

Also if anyone knows any other forums or websites that might be helpful in my search feel free to post em for me.

I can be reached via E-mail at strumund@aol.com
Leave a post with info
Or on AIM Strumund

Thanks a lot

10-13-04, 04:46 PM
welcome to the forums, let us know how everything works out on it. oh, i am 19 and i drive a Fleetwood Brougham and i dont think it is an old person car. down south they are the car to drive, old or young. the only thing i get is "man that car is pimp." its the Dirrty South. :welcome:

10-13-04, 05:01 PM
Welcome Strumund!

Good luck with you project. Check you local boneyards for specimens. I think that the 94' and the 95' share same body parts. Thanks for joining the forum.

10-13-04, 08:22 PM
i believe RBraczyk is selling his 94 Deville for parts, try asing him. he has a thread in the Deville section, just look on that first page and you should see it.