: 1979 coupe deville brake and suspension questions

john yerxa
05-28-11, 07:22 AM
Hi everyone, I'd like your opinions on the following please, any help appreciated.
The 79 cdv has 30000 miles and has been sitting 4 years under a plactic tarp in an unheated building up north with snow, cold and summer.
I haven't tried to start her yet,(any prestart tips).
I am told the brakes are now ceased (what can i do to unstick, can I expect to replace calipers/rotors/lines/mbc?)
What about the pump suspension system.
AC system need charged, or under laws today does it have to be upgraded.
Anything else that may need replaced due to sitting for 4 years.
The inside headliner is sagging and needs put back in place, what would cause this.


The car is in good condition

05-28-11, 08:16 AM
Ok, one step at a time.

if the brakes are seized the first thing I would do before even getting the engine running is to have them operational. Most likely that means replacing the calipers, bleeding the system, replacing brake cylinders and pistons, etc.

as far as getting the engine running, be gentle. removing the spark plugs and squirting a tablespoon of engine oil into each hole is a good idea, as well as priming the carburetor, fresh fuel in the tank, and a gentle spray of starting fluid down the carburetor throat. Make sure that the air cleaner element is in place and the lid is tightly fastened down. backfires and engine explosions are common when starting engines that have sat for long periods. when it's running, don't over rev it it needs to build oil pressure and get oil flowing throughout.

let us know how it goes.

john yerxa
05-28-11, 09:39 AM
Thanks Doug

05-28-11, 10:15 PM
You can raise the front of the car to determine the condition of the front brakes. If the calipers are stuck, you can try to pry them back to free them up. You don't have to push them all the way back, just enough to free them. Your rear brakes should be standard cylinder brakes. Check the emergency brake cables first to determine if they are free. If they are free, put the rear axle on jack stands, pull the wheels and try to free the brakes by spanking the drums with a hammer at a diameter just outside the lugs. This should free the drums and any rust that has built up on the movable parts. Pull the drums and clean the backing plates and brake mechanisms with a brake cleaner. If the ajusters are frozen you may free them by turning the spur by grabbing it with a pair of Channel Lock pliers. You may have to disasemble some of the brake parts to lubricate some of the brake parts. Inspect the parts. They may be reused, but if they are badly rusted you may want to replace them. You can get Maxi packs at NAPA to replace your hardware.