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05-26-11, 07:16 PM
Hello everyone need your help again. Let me tell you what has happened.

I own a repair shop that I operate out of my shop behind my house. I have a regular customer that owns a 99 Sts. The wipers quit working. I have determined the switch assy on the column is bad seeing how I first replaced motor with no success. The switch was not available in the aftermarket, and Gm has discontiued switch. So I found a used column from a salvage yard. Keep in mind I am no means a caddy expert, but took on the challenge of fixing this problem. Originally I wanted to take columns apart and replace bad switch only. problem new style gm columns have a different lock plate I have no special tool to depress plate to get ring out of groove. switch is held on with screws behind lock plate. So my only option is to swap columns, donor column had deployed air bag so I carefully swapped out airbag clockspring installed donor column in car hooked everything back up and presto donor column works fine. Now here come the part about not being caddy expert and not doing enough research. After backing car out of shop the service stability system meassage comes up. Yea you guessed it I have the steering position sensor off center. No telling how many times that column had been turned upon reinstall. So to sum things up my question is can that sensor be recenterd or am I stuck buying a new one, and also I know my old column has been turned. I am sure of it. Any help would be great.

Thanks Chris
Hwy 259 Auto Service
Portland, TN

05-26-11, 08:36 PM
Being a 99 you might have more luck in that forum sub title. Cars in here are 05 and up.

05-26-11, 09:08 PM
Sorry did not realize will repost in that thread...