: 1984 Fleetwood Brougham D elegance 72,000 original miles oil pressure lights comes on

05-26-11, 07:14 PM
Stop engine oil pressure light comes on when vehicle comes to stop. But fine when driving I changed the oil and filter twice in two days. went with a thicker oil 20/50 it helps but light still comes on. Since putting thicker oil in light takes awhile to come on and only comes on when i come to a full stop.I think im going to change the oil pressure sensor any ideas? I have heard it can be the bearing and im know its less likely the oil pump. Any Input would be greatly appreciated

05-26-11, 08:09 PM
I used to always advise that this was opening clearances in the main bearings. However, one of our members recently dealt with this and replaced the oil pump and remedied the situation. This was on a 307, though. It would be worth getting an actual oil pressure gauge on it before doing anything. Once you do this, you will know exactly what the issue is.

05-27-11, 06:00 PM
My 307 did that, but after good hard drive it fixed itself. I was running 10w40

05-28-11, 08:08 PM
I have a fuel injected 4.1 v8 i wish it was a 307 that would make things easy but im at a loss for words because it runs just fine so you think i should get the oil pressure checked?

05-28-11, 09:19 PM