: 98+ Seville Free cold air intake mod

08-15-03, 12:24 PM
In reading a link on Bruces web site, i found that there is a u pipe for the intake that has a big black box at the bottom so if that gets cut out, it will act as a cold air intake. So i took the plundge and tried it on my 2001 sts. Its there and it works!!!! I took a different approach at taking it apart, i fully dissassembled the air box, which wasnt necessary.
Here are the steps in order to achieve this free mod. It will take about 1 hour.

1)Remove bumber; 2 pop clips on the front wheel splash guard, both sides. Then 2 10mm bolts near headlamp that secure bumper, the 2 bolts are the one closer to the outside. Remove 3 pop clips near front grille. Then 2 more bolts on the other side, and 2 more pop clips. and your done. YOu can opt to remove the lower splash shield if you so desire, but its not needed. This takes about 15-20 minutes

2)Remove Hid ballast if so equiped with 3 7mm bolts.

3)Remove i hex bolt(dont remeber the size) and one 10mm bolt holding the U intake pipe.

4)You will see a sealed square box at the bottom of the pipe. Cut only the bottom end of the box off, this will allow the cool air from the wheel well to go into the intake and give your intake a nice growl, which i was surprised by but sounds awesome.

Then just reassemble everything and your done!!
Go drive your car like you stole it and enjoy the new found intake growl you have just acheived. Im assuming if you cut the box off completely and just leave the circular opening, it will not growl as much. This is only a theory though.

I will try to post some G-tech measurements for before and after 0-60 times. My best 0-60 stock was 6.9
I guess i'll see if that can be beaten. Sorry, I forgot to take pix.


08-16-03, 12:00 AM
Welcome, and thanks for signing up!!! :wave:

Great write up.... :)

08-25-03, 04:00 PM
Great info! what about on 95 SLS's? and whats the URL to bruces site? Im looking at building a home made CAI with a 9" K&N cone filter.

08-25-03, 07:05 PM

Take in mind that cone filters are basically useless....... If it is underhood, it sucks in hot underhood air....... As air gets warmer, its volume increases, thus a lesser volume of air being injested into the engine...... Therefore you will actually get LESS power...... And the northstar's higher underhood temperature will only perpetuate the problem...... Only at the coldest of temps will it proove useful........

Also, cone filters will increase flow (somewhat), but will also increase the amount of dirt entering the engine....... They dont have near the filtering surface area that the stock filter has.......

Best thing to do would be to use the stock airbox (and if you really want a K&N drop in filter) and modify some plumbing to the lower air dam....... Go to www.gmfourms.com and do a search in the cadillac section...... A guy by the name of Damien did the CAI..... it was very simple, cheap, and did have some improvement.......

08-26-03, 12:32 AM
CAI = cold air intake. Its not underhood heat, A CAI is meant to stop just that. Thats why I am wanting to make one. I want to put a tube just behind the little (fake) chrome grill in the front of the car as a type of Ram Air to take the air into the box that will have heat wraping of some type around it. I asure you it will be much colder air than under the hood going into the car. the link to gmforums doesnt work though? could you post the right URL if you can find it? Thanks for the feed back!

08-26-03, 01:49 PM
Let me just say, the "lay mans" term for CAI is my simply putting on a cone filter....... So I thought thats what you meant...... :)


Theres the thread.......

08-26-03, 01:49 PM
Nevertheless, I still wouldnt use a cone filter.......

08-26-03, 02:26 PM
hehe, there nothing cold air about putting a cone filter in a hot hot engine bay.
Yeah i meant actual CAI with the box and all. But why not a cone filter? a 9" has more area for air to enter than say the stock style that flat. what kind are you thinking I should use?

08-26-03, 03:13 PM
Id just use the stock airbox with the stock filter, or maybe a K/N drop in...... Putting a cone filter in the airbox (i assume thats what your thinking) would be useless...... It would take quite a bit of work (more than you'd think), and wouldnt give you any performance benefits......

Really, the CAI wont really give you any sort of NOTICEABLE improvements...... It will only prove useful when your going at speeds above 80 or so...... And you never go that fast, do you :halo: ......... Plus, you take the risk of water injestion, and that could lead to hydrolock......

I wouldnt recommend doing it, but to each their own....

Did you read that thread on GMF....? I think it said somewhere where you just hook some hose right on to the inlet of the box........ FWIW, that is all the farther Id go..... The stock airbox is designed to have a combination of maximum flow with good filtering, quiteness, and minimizing water injestion.....

08-26-03, 05:18 PM
Id think that adding a larger box with heat resistant wrap and a bigger filter like a 9" cone would make enough more HP maybe only 2hp or so but still more. Making the new box draw air from just behind the grille would make for even colder air. And as far as water goes... well Id have the tube goto the very bottom of the box and the filter and intake would be as high as it could... water would have to actually fill up about 3 inches of the box to get to the filter this way.

08-27-03, 06:14 PM
Thats a good link......

Its has been said that you can only feel improvements of 10hp or more...... The seat of the pants meter isnt too accurate..... :)

Im not trying to discourage you, but you should know all the facts before you start doing home made mods...... If thats what you want to do..... GREAT, go do it, and enjoy!!! You will definitely get more intake noise, which is a good thing to hear that big V8 ROAR!!! :spin:

08-28-03, 01:52 AM
It seems to me that with the bigger surface area of a 9" cone compaired to a panel it would aid even more to what that guys tests showed for added HP. And besides that The air just behind the grille is cooler than anywhere under the hood, just sitting idleing you can tell. After your car is warmed up, with it running, put your hand under the hood, then put it between the grille and the radiator, its almost cooler than the air outside it seems... I think putting a tube to that area to the air box would aid in HP gains.

08-28-03, 02:08 AM
u guys have any other quick tips? i just picked up my first caddy (99 sts)
and i'm brand new to this, i could use all the help i can get