: Borla DIY Install

05-26-11, 09:56 AM
Just received my Borla cat back exhaust from Streetside (GREAT customer service BTW) and wondering about the degree of difficulty and amount of time others have experienced doing the install themselves. It is going on a '11 Sedan with Manual tranny. Thanks in advance for the help!

05-26-11, 10:51 AM
removing the stock exhaust took my brother and I about 10 minutes.

05-26-11, 12:06 PM
Just received my Borla cat back exhaust from Streetside (GREAT customer service BTW)

Thanks for the compliment!!

If you have jack stands it is very easy and even if you don't it is straight forward. Also since you have a 2011 the bolts should not be too hard to break loose. It can be done as a one man show but it is helpful to have a second hand to help hold stuff.

Install time should be about 2 hours or so depending on Adult Beverage breaks (if you partake in that...) or smoke breaks (If you smoke).

If you need anything else or have any questions please feel free to call or PM me.

05-26-11, 01:52 PM
Thanks Jaime and domsz06. I participate in both types of "breaks" and have a lift so I will tackle it tonight with a buddy. Cannot wait to hear it in person with the new breathing equipment!

05-26-11, 02:11 PM
we have a lift too, with a lift you will not have a problem, esp if you have an extra set of hands, hardest part for us was getting the silly rubber exhaust hangers off lol :)

05-26-11, 02:39 PM
Can you please take some videos of cruising noise inside the cabin. The only reason I have not purchased is because of fear of droning and too much noise

05-26-11, 06:15 PM
install is very easy one of the easiest cat backs i have done yet

05-26-11, 06:28 PM
install is very easy one of the easiest cat backs i have done yet

We're patiently awaiting your borla video. ;)

05-27-11, 09:11 AM
Install took about 3 hours (including several aforementioned breaks). Nothing difficult other than the friggin' rubber hangers like domsz06 mentioned. I actually put them back on upside down as it was a bit easier to get them back on that way and from what I could tell, should not affect anything. Biggest challenge was just getting everything aligned (if you are anal like me). I am still not 100% happy with symetrical spacing when comparing L/R tips and may tweak a bit after a few hundred miles.

Overall impression is it is not quite as loud as I thought it would be based on the Youtube video I found. Maybe after a few thousand miles it will "perk" up. I am not unhappy though. It does give the car a more aggressive sound and I do not notice much difference in the cabin at highway speeds. I had Miltek cat back systems on my Audi S4 adn RS4 that were much more aggresive as a comparison. I also removed the rear mufflers on my '10 Camaro which made quite the difference as well so my expectaions may have been a little too high.

As for video/audio, I will give that a shot early next week. May need some forum help on posting. I am more mechanical than technical! Maybe my 17 year old son can assist!!