: TX road trip update

05-26-11, 08:52 AM
after 1409 miles, we made it safely to my brother's place. the trip wasn't without incident though....

just past nashville, we were cruising behind a dodge ram pickup in free flowing rush hour congestion doing doing 75mph in a 70. a lady in an equinox blew by doing about 80ish when we passed by a TN state trooper in the median. i see the trooper pull out of his spot and assume he's going after the equinox. so i scoot over into the slow lane to let him by and the dodge ram does the same but slows down to about 68mph in doing so. so of course the distance between me and the truck closes quickly and i can't pass because now the trooper is hovering next to me and staring (i thought he was checking out the ride).

after about 20 secs the trooper settles behind me and pulls me over! his reason for pulling me over? for following too closely! WTF!?!?!? he then tells me to get out of the car and starts interrogating me on who i am...who am i traveling with....where i'm going...what do i do for a living...who my employer is...explain more about your job. when i tell him i'm inactive reserve air force he asks me to show him documentation or papers confirming it. i show him my reserve ID card and he pulls out a flip phone and starts typing something on it...i have no idea why because the side he's looking at only has my biometric data on it. finally tells me have a nice trip and goes away.

i'm flabbergasted. racial profiling??? i'm a 32 yr old filipino that happens to look 19...i see no other reason for pulling me over. following too close? give me an F'ing break.

the car performed flawlessly except that it lost the signal for the passenger rear tire for about 15 mins causing the flat tire warning light to flash and stay lit even after getting the signal back. restarting the car did the trick though and the light turned off.

sorry for the long post but i needed to vent.

05-26-11, 09:04 AM
absurd. did u get a badge #?

05-26-11, 09:31 AM
bummer dude. Glad it's ok.

My service tire monitor happens alot too... kinda sucks. Dealer can't find anything wrong.

05-26-11, 10:02 AM
Are you having any work done to the vehicle while in Texas?

Also, how bad was the bug damage to your front end? On a recent trip I made back from Indiana, I must have killed 5000 or so bugs. They left nice yellow/black/red polka dots all over my white paint.

05-26-11, 10:08 AM
couldn't really read his name tag...started with a Y.

the tire thing was my first instance of that happening.

as for the bugs, the front end looked like an abstract art painting. i hit a gas station instant car wash place last night and i'd say that 95% of the insect innards are gone. the bigger bugs splats are still there. didn't help that i had to drive through swarms of butterflies and cicadas in TN.

no car work while i'm here...just spending time with the family.

05-26-11, 02:02 PM
WTF! yep, this is the place to vent alright. so how close were you in feet then?

05-26-11, 04:07 PM
It's simple.

"Officer, I have not done anything illegal and would like to leave. I don't wish to answer any questions without my attorney present. If I am not under arrest, I wish to leave and go about my business. Am I free to go?"

Keep repeating.

05-26-11, 04:48 PM
That is really annoying.

You have to remember, though: Cops DO know about the V and it does attract some attention. My approach is to be nice, answer appropriate questions nicely and honestly, and then move on. This approach works for me...

05-26-11, 06:09 PM
i was 1 car length at the closest. i didn't get irritated until after i drove away and the reality of what just happened sunk in. i thought maybe i was on some hidden camera show at first and i was hoping to win 10 bucks for every minute i put up with the booolsheet.

the hankooks performed great with a car full of stuff. i did some fairly spirited driving in the mountains and was very pleased with the way the car performed as a whole. nothing too ridiculous of course since there was moderate traffic and my common sense was intact. the tires are VERY noisy on concrete and non asphalt roads though.

05-26-11, 09:41 PM
no ticket? no warning? if not, let it go. cops have bad days too ya know. I was pulled over in my V for doing 39 in a 30, and because my "cigarette ashes got all over his patrol car" :lol: he just wanted to check out the V up close.