: Opening and painting of inside headlights, also do other light work

05-26-11, 03:25 AM
Hey guys been doing this for the V guys just thought you guys might be interested too! :)

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3069/5757327273_619f947f7f_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/54121596@N03/5757327273/)


Price: Base of $250 for basic paint options
Leds(Blue, Green, Red, White) Any way you want them: Add $65
Leds + remote to control them with:Add $105

Special Requests such as color of car matching for lights, outside lens painting and other things like that just ask me so I can figure out pricing for that stuff since I will need to use exact paint that matches the color and etc.

I am hoping to get some sets done for those who don't drive the V and don't mind being without for headlights for a while. After I got some setup I can start doing a core method.

The list
1. JarrodW-CTS-V, waiting for core

OFFER: If you have an extra set or buy an extra set I will do your set for free in return for your extras so I can start the core sooner, same goes for the fogs

http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2280/5758980079_aa3cdab9c0_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/54121596@N03/5758980079/)

Alright guys just waiting for my core fogs to come in for those waiting on that I am very sorry for the wait. So far here is my list for the clear fog guys

1.Dr.Speed - SMOKED/TINTED( Still looking can't find anything! :( )
2.Siggyfreud if I can figure out the orange tint for ya

So just add to the list if you would like a set.
Price:$65 Shipped,$50 for the Work and about $15 so I can ship to any of the states :)
Core Charge:$70
Total: $135, Once I get your old set you will be refunded the 70!
Offer that stands right now is if you don't mind not having fogs for a while you can just send them over and I'll do em for ya and send them back without needing to wait for core stuff!

If you have an extra set you are willing to give me so I have more cores I will do your fogs for FREE! :)

More headlight pics...

Any questions, concerns, etc
PM me or ask on here
Email me at dowlatij@yahoo.com
or heck just call me


05-26-11, 10:05 AM
Any pics of the STS done? STS lights already have seal issues and moisture, I would think this would only cause the issue to be that more viable.

05-26-11, 06:03 PM
No unfortuanley, what I can do is help you guys reseal those headlights if there is interest I do understand by opening it would seem it would make it worse but I mean it can just be the seals going bad so we can open them and reseal them for you if anyone wants to give it a shot.

05-26-11, 09:55 PM
Id have to see work on the STS lamp before deciding...