View Full Version : Desperate need of suggestions - attach armrest in 84 deville

05-26-11, 02:01 AM
Does anyone know if there is a trick to installing the armrest (with all the controls) onto the passenger side of an 84 Cadillac Deville? I notice there are two small tabs that are intended to slide underneath the vertical door panel, but it seems nearly impossible for me to get it to fit correctly...is it maybe broken, or is there some kind of a trick to getting it in there?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

cadillac kevin
05-26-11, 08:32 AM
you will have to remove the cigarette lighter body from the panel. if you have the power seat controls you may need to unplug them. other than that I don't recall any issues putting it on the armrest. you slide the tabs under the chrome frame with the wood trim piece tilted at an angle upwards then it should be able to "hinge" downward. to where it sits.

05-26-11, 02:48 PM
So just to clarify, I will need to remove the cigarette lighter and power seat controls, then install the armrest, and then re-install the power controls....is that correct? It seems that it would be difficult to reattach the controls after it is in place...

cadillac kevin
05-26-11, 08:47 PM
I'm not sure if you need to remove the power seat controls. but I am 100% sure you will need to detach the cigarette lighter. the part of the lighter cylinder you see from the top side actually unscrews out of the bottom part of the cylinder. I use a screwdriver or panel puller to unscrew the lighter cylinder.

06-13-11, 07:30 PM
I finally got this bad boy to sit right. The real issue wasn't the tabs failing to lock with the vertical wall, but rather there were 2 screws missing on the bottom of the armrest that require other parts to be removed to have access. To insert one of the screws I had to remove the light cover, and for the second screw I had to remove the cover just behind the door handle.

After adding the two screws everything seems to sit just right. No problems at all.

Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions.....I absolutely love this site