: 96 Fleetwood interior lights stay on.

05-25-11, 10:26 PM
My 96 has a problem, the interior lights stay on. the car has very low miles, I checked the sentinel and headlight switch, I also pushed on each light to turn them off, used the remote to lock-unlock the car, nothing worked. I pulled the fuse and now I have to live with-out interior lights. can anyone help me?

05-25-11, 11:01 PM
its one of two things
if your lucky ,go to the trunk lock tamper switch
it looks like a metal cable with a two terminal plug
located at the trunk lock
unplug that and see if they go out

if not,.. its the mini wedge switch at the door lock mechanism
you will have to disconnect them 1 at a time
until you figure out which door
then replace the mechanism , I have good
ones , www.thefleetwoodguy.com
let us know
in my 95s case it was the trunk lock tamper switch was

05-26-11, 03:05 AM
Ii went to the trunk and found the lock tamper switch. it was just floating inside the trunk-lid. does that little cable act as a ground? anyway I unpluged it and the lights on the rear-view mirror went out after 10 seconds, but the rest of the lights stayed on. I went to re-connect the switch and the alarm went off, so I disconnected the battery, reconnected the switch and put it back up in the trunk-lid. the rear-view mirror light stay on.:hmm: what do you mean when you say" the switch was sprung"?

05-26-11, 11:42 AM
theres a spring loaded contact button inside the white portion of the trunk lock tamper switch, when its sprung it makes a contact that will turn the lights on
if the r/v mirror int lights went out I think your on the right track
are you sure the overhead lights are all clicked to off?

and the light switch isnt in the on position?
if the alarm triggered try locking and unlocking with the key fob that should reset it

05-26-11, 12:53 PM
Yes, I pushed all of the interior lights, checked headlight and sentinel switch, locked all doors using the remote. I hope I'm on the right track. I'll pull the lock tamper switch down again and check it.

05-26-11, 03:34 PM
UPDATE! I went out this morning to take another crack at the problem, I removed the trunk lock tamper switch and waited, the the R/V mirror lights went out just like before, but this time I noticed the driver and pass side lights went out also, so I pushed on both rear lights and my problem is solved. all lights dim 30 seconds after I close the door. I want to thank you for your help, I would not/could not have found the switch, let alone fix the problem without your advise and direction(this problem really bugged me). what were you saying about switch being sprung? the switch I have does not open, do I need to buy a new switch?

05-26-11, 05:29 PM
I highly doubt you could find a new switch
even the service manual barley mentions it
just leave it unplugged, it shouldnt cause any other problems

It took me a while to solve this issue
glad it saved you some time and aggravation ....Jim
now post a picture on that low miles survivor !

05-26-11, 05:32 PM
as far as it being sprung
I cut one open to understand its operation
best to just live without it

05-26-11, 06:30 PM
What does that sensor do? I'm gonna try to find one.