: 88 Fleetwood D'Elegance Possibly For Sale

05-25-11, 09:53 PM
I have a 88 Fleetwood D'Elegance that I am thinking about selling. It was my parents car, runs great, thinking about selling to buy myself a 4x4 to use for the winter so I can garage my Camaro. It has 90,000 miles, is rust free, and in great shape inside and outside. My questions is, what do you think something like this would sell for, and would there be interest in it. I will try to get some pictures of it this weekend, it's at their house. Thanks.

cadillac kevin
05-25-11, 10:08 PM
I'd need to see pics, but depending on condition and options anywhere from 1500-3000. maybe a bit more.

05-25-11, 10:09 PM
What state? Pics? Engine? Maintenance records?