: Tire shopping softer tires

05-25-11, 07:11 AM
I have the staggered setup on 17's; 235 50's and 255 45's. Live up in Bucks, north of Philly. Searching on reviews, the Conti's, Pirelli's and Michelins were negative. I've owned almost every brand at one time or the other. The current tires are Falken Ziex. The Falken's got less then 20k, but they ride great, low noise, even wear and grip in dry. The Falkens also had some minor dry rot going on at the base of the tread. They were frightening in snow.
TireRack has the best prices, but what a pita to have them delivered and have a shop install. In person, I bought the Hankook V4's from Pepboys. Total price before rebates $707.78. After rebates $523.43, plus a free Mobil 1 oil change. The V4's are 40k tires and have UTQG or 420 A A 96 and 98 W sidewall ratings. The Hankook V4 reviews weren't as critical as the higher priced tires. Bottom line is softer tires do almost everything better, except they wear out fast.