: diff. case and pinion too easy to take off????

10-12-04, 11:02 PM
just wondering how hard is it supposed to be to take off differential case and pinion?

Well whoever has experience on this exactly what i am curious about is on the site http://www.fullsizechevy.com/fscu/axletech/

he says that when taking out the diff case with ring its in there pretty tight and you need a crowbar etc. to take it out and also for the pinion you need to smack it a couple times really hard to get it out after taking off the nut.

BUT on my fleetwood i took out the diff case with my hands and it didnt require any force on my part i just grabbed it and it came out no struggle whatsoever.....

and on the pinion i struck it once with a hammer and it came off and so did the pinion yoke and i didnt even hit it hard........

is it supposed to come off this easy or were the parts loose?

or is it the guy on the site above has a hard time because his cars hes working on are older or higher mileage?

should i be thankful or cautious about these parts being this easy to take off?

i never had any vibration problems etc nothing at all and everything in the differential is stock and never touched.

just wondering i hope someone can give me feedback on this by tomorrow im putting it all together tomorrow


barge master
10-13-04, 07:12 AM
It's been quite a while since I pulled a carrier out, but as I recall it took a pretty good yank to get it loose. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't worry about it. What are you doing anyway? Gear change, limited slip?

10-13-04, 04:55 PM
gear change/upgrade i just wondered if I needed to replace all my bearings etc. because it was so easy to take out meaning it might've been loose etc.

thanks i just wanted another point of view if it was upto e i'd just put it back in and as long as it doesnt make noise or feel bad i'd be happy with it.

10-13-04, 05:21 PM
Your car takes less abuse than a chevy truck rear end.

10-13-04, 05:52 PM
Your signature is so DAM hilarious i was laughing hard... dam stickers lmao...........

10-16-04, 12:33 AM
Did you ever finish your gear swap? How do you like it

10-16-04, 04:51 AM
Thanks for asking and yes i finished my gear swap and I.............................LOVE IT!!

Sorry a little too excited lol

I'm surprised i'v read so many "it's too hard, take it to a shop" posts because honestly this was not difficult in any sense my biggest blunder/mistake was using a small tool to do a big job in reference to taking off the 1 1/4 pinion nut off with a 3/8 drive ratchet lol

My only actual pinion and carrier backlash measurement tool was gear marking compound and my eyesight first i started by putting the pinion backlash exactly as the original pinion, then for the carrier backlash at first i set it too close to the carrier and couldn't move the pinion and ring at all after tightening the bearing caps. I realised my mistake which took me a few mins and used a lot of different shims and finally got a good looking contact pattern after this i put on the gear marking compound and when I got a nice pattern i put it back together which is simple except for a slight problem with putting the c clips on by myself and then adding the big pin that goes in the middle of the diff. nothing too bad though

Everything went smooth i also added some dorman extended studs since i was also eager to test my new rear discs i did at the same time.

I feel a big improvement especially since after i added my 22" wheels i lost some power at all speeds i couldn't even do any burnout or make the tire spin because of the gear ratio changing with the larger diameter wheels.

Now i feel the car is the same as stock and even a little better between 0-20 i can get a longer burnout than i could before although my tires don't screech like they used to they only spin maybe being pirelli's somehow they are meant not to....but i miss it :banghead:

I'm still waiting for my stealth bolt which i just ordered i probably should've done so a while ago but i forgot.

Honestly though i would suggest 3 things or do at least one of these first either spend some time at a shop and look at how "they" do it at least once so you can build some confidence or go to a junkyard and take off a diff. so you can get the hang of it and don't mess up something with your own car(this is just a visible look at least so you can see what the descriptions are of etc.)

Last but not least always have at least one backup plan of someone you know or someone you can get to visit your house to finalize this for you in case you can't. This just being in case you do get stumped for whatever odd reason you can be bailed out of it by having someone come by and finishing it for you whether or not its for a price.

I had a couple people that could've helped me and most of them free but I like tackling this stuff by myself most of the time. actually the reason why i didn't take it to a shop....reminds me of the king of the hill cartoon dad who won't let mechanics touch his car lol

in case anyone wants to nag me about only using the gear marking compound/paint for carrier backlash i read on the site http://www.fullsizechevy.com/fscu/axletech/.........."Now that you have successfully found proper backlash now we can move on to painting the gears. This method is THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to find proper pinion depth. Hard to believe huh?? Everybody wants measurements, measurements, measurements. Let.s say you did buy the cheap $99.00 pinion depth tool or you purchased to big $350.00 version. Just because the tool says proper pinion depth has been achieved doesn.t mean a thing."

so i figured then why even have those tools if they really don't help much in the end so skip ahead and use the "THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY" and just be done with it

i don't regret it, it's worth it and maybe one day i'll switch upto 3.42's but since I plan to add a supercharger next summer to my caddy i really thought that 3.42 plus a supercharger would be overdoing it and i'd just be stuck in endless burnouts :2thumbs:

i love the procharger SC's i've seen especially with the intercoolers my next performance upgrade for 2005 and maybe an engine rebuild although shops have told me it's not necessary with my 50,000 mile engine unless i have toomuch money in the bank lol

My goal is a super nice exterior and video/audio system with a minimum 400-450 hp at the wheels........

Later forum and thanks ppl for your help