: Torque Specs

05-24-11, 10:37 PM
I ned to change my oil pan gasket and my transmission filter/gasket on my 85 Eldorado with the 4.5. Can anyone give me the torque specs for these? Also is there a tightening sequence?

05-24-11, 10:57 PM
The trans pan gasket? Torque the bolts in a criss-cross pattern, snugging them up evenly. Re-use the OEM gasket if possible: it has a steel insert which prevents you from over-torquing and crushing the gasket.

05-25-11, 06:33 AM
Yes, I am gonna be changing all of my cars filter's soon and was trying to get all the specs on the gaskets I'll be dealing with. My oil pan gasket is actually leaking, I was just gonna drop that pan when I change the oil.