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05-23-11, 08:32 PM
I have a new 2011 SRX, luxury package with navi, 3 weeks old, 700 miles.

I had a sudden problem today and was wondering if anyone else had it.

I remote opened the hatch. When I pressed the button to close, it wouldn't. Several pushes, no luck. I hand closed it.

When I started the car, the display did not light up for 30 seconds. When it did, it had several warning lights active: parking brake, engine...pretty much all of them. THe car drove, but the transmission indicator did not indicate D (or anything else.) The parking brake would not work nor would the rear view camera. The air conditioning also did not work.

I drove straight to the dealer who was very close. He started it once, same problem. Filled out the paper work, then (of course) everything was fine.

Its at the dealership now but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.


Smokin' SRX
05-24-11, 07:54 AM
Hmmm.........for all those diverse systems to act up, sounds like a central CPU boot-up problem. They'll probably reset the CPU module and you'll be fine. These cars nowadays are rolling computers. I recall a few members needing their Body/Control Modules reflashed etc. No further probs.

Pls let us know!


05-25-11, 02:26 PM
My liftgate won't "power down" function right now. Normandy goes in tomorrow to check out the problem. All other systems work, even the "power up" for the liftgate. Weird...

05-26-11, 12:21 PM
This may sound weird, but did your locks start locking and unlocking ours did this, along with everything flashing and wouldn't drive over 35mph. Took it in and the cause was a faulty throttle body, I didn't believe that was it. But no problems since replacement.

05-26-11, 01:18 PM
The only weird thing that happened to me -- at least if I'm not imagining things -- was that my center console lights would turn completely off for a split second. This was mainly when I was fiddling around with climate controls. It's only happened twice I think, but it was at my peripheral. *shrug*

06-07-11, 03:24 AM
Well the dealership fixed the problem. I'm not certain exactly what was wrong but they replaced the EPB (electric park brake) module and reset. That cleared all the error codes and the problems went away.

However, now some of the the power seat memory features aren't working properly. It doesn't adjust for different keys and the "easy exit" feature no longer works. So I'm taking it back in later this week.

I am perplexed. On one hand, I positively love this car. I love the design of it and love the features, far more than my previous BMW and Acuras.

On the other hand, I never once had to take those to the dealer to have things fixed.

The dealer is convenient to my work and they're very very good about dealing with problems and me. I'm very happy with how I've been treated.

On the other hand, this is a $40,000+ vehicle. It shouldn't have this many problems, period.

07-20-14, 10:48 PM
warning except tried to push turn off engine button in drive Help -- Tow in tomorrow. Might be battery failure of major portion.
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08-15-15, 11:38 PM
I have a SRX 2011 changed the battery and the display no longer shows up. Engine starts one side of exterior lights lid up and no light in the cabin. Please Help!