: 1985 DeVille 3 wire connector?

05-23-11, 07:12 PM
quick question, i installed a sony radio in my car sounds great, however i ran into a problem with i fixed, after i installed the radio everything was fine radio holds memory, sound great but then i noticed when i started the car i had no fuel data center or climate control display, after a couple hours of trouble shooting i found that when i applied power to wire M on the 3 wire connector (upper right of radio) the displays worked, so i then ran a wire from wire M to the inginition/ switched wire from the car wire harness, i didnt want to use power from the ant trigger wire/ orange (unswitched) on the 3 wire connector in fear that it might drain the battery, the dash works like it should, question being is if wire M is for the climate control/ fuel data center whey is it on the 3 wire connector that goes to the factory radio? just curious. any knowledge on wiring would be great. thanks