: New owner-First Cadillac!!!

05-23-11, 11:07 AM
Bought our first Cadillac this weekend. 2010 STS V8. Now...if we can just figure out how everything works. :cookoo:

So far...UBER-love it! Drives like a dream, but still has that sports car feel.

05-23-11, 11:11 AM
Let me be the first to say "Congrats"!!! What package does it have??? HUD/ACC???

05-23-11, 12:52 PM
Package...? HUD/ACC??? Huh??? LOL--beats me! Paperwork calls it a 1SE.

05-23-11, 01:11 PM
thats a base model V8

05-23-11, 01:21 PM
This is the right place to ask those questions about how stuff works on your car! HUD is Head Up Display and ACC is Adaptive Cruise Control. The owners manual is an excellent resource for info. Look up in there what you want to know and if the manual is unclear to you, come here and ask the question. We all were at that new owner stage too!

05-23-11, 03:06 PM
OH--so sorry. I did know that it does not have Head Up Display or Adaptive Cruise Control. I didn't know the lingo. I think it has most everything else though. I probably need a 5th grader to walk me though the electronics!