View Full Version : New Fargo, ND member here!

Faron Jerstad
05-22-11, 01:30 PM
Yes...as the great Led-Zepplin, and the intro-song for my MN-Vikings home games state...
"I'm from the land of the ice & snow..."!:histeric:
From -30 to 100 (occasionally!) above, we've got it "all" here in ND...:bonkers:

Not an official owner YET...but DW & I are searchin' for a 2008 CTS. This forum may take me a while to digest, but seems like a goldmine of knowledgeable people!!


05-22-11, 02:37 PM
Welcome! Can't think of a better set of wheels than a Cadillac to cope with the rigors and monotonies of the Dakotas!

05-22-11, 09:43 PM