: 2011 Escalade Power mirriors keep "re-setting"

05-22-11, 12:24 AM
I need help with this one. I have 2011 white Premium. the power mirriors is set with automatic "curbview" when set in reverse (R), but after that it will not go back to original settings. I tried the memory option 1, but it doesn't seem to memorize the positions for the mirriors, just the seats. Anyone has a clue? I always fold my mirriors coming into the tight garage, could this screw up the setups too?

05-22-11, 01:05 AM
Both my Denali and burb do this, im also like you when I park in the garage I fold in the mirrors. But I dont have this problem every time when it goes into reverse.

05-22-11, 08:56 AM
Do you need the curbview option for reversing out of spots? If not, disable it and problem will go away, at least until you return it to the dealer to have it fixed.

05-22-11, 10:09 PM
I have something figured out. I can set it to memorize settings in "1" but I can only activate that setting in "Park" mode. So when I'm done backing out of the garage, I went back to P, press "1", then go to D. Definitely getting used to.