: Just curious how often people change their nitrous plugs.

05-21-11, 04:05 PM
I know alot of Vs are not running nitrous, but I check the plugs (now that I got a few bucks in a new motor and spray) fairly often.

I pull the hot holes 8 & 7 and 6 all the time.

I am going to the track tomorrow with a new box (already gapped @ .032) and the tools to pull my plugs in the return lane.

I pulled the 8, 7, & 6 plug just now and they look good. :cool:

I plan to put a new plug in 8, 7 & 6 hole prior to each run, then shut it off and coast to the return lane, where I'll pull em and check em as I go through the tuning process

So, I have been keeping a close eye on what is going on since the new motor. My A/F meter will give me a good idea, but nothing is more accurate than reading the plugs.

Assuming the plugs look good and the tune is good, How often would you change them. I was considering changing them every time I go to the track and spray, but that can add up quick if it is not required. I am running copper.

Edit: While I pull plugs periodically to check their condition, the following is what I will be looking at tomorrow at the strip:

Reading for Air/Fuel Mixture
Reading for Ignition Timing
Heat Range

Round flat circular area at the end of plugs of the plug (gray, black, sooty, oily, or fuel)
2 types of Detonation if present on porcelain (Diamond or Black Specks)

05-21-11, 05:10 PM
I used to run some really cold plugs in my nitrous trans am and had to change them every trip to the track because when not on the nitrous, they were too cold and would foul out allot.

05-21-11, 05:54 PM
Yes I am familiar with that problem. My plugs seem to be the proper heat range. I pulled other holes and they are firing well.

Mike TexaSS
05-21-11, 06:51 PM
Im very good at reading plugs. We won 2 championships last year with our extreme street mustang. We sprayed 600hp of n20 with 2 kits on a 440 cid SBF. We made over 100 passes and never hurt it! Best run was a 5.08 @ 144 mph with a 1.15 60ft! The DA was over 2200 when we ran that number.

Post up pics. Id like to see the inside the plug with a pic straight down. And a side shot of the electrode so I can see a good timing mark.

05-21-11, 10:09 PM
Will do.

I will cut the plug threads away so you can see the porcelain clearly.

That stang sounds like a wild ride!