: 90 Seville Radio install Kit

05-21-11, 10:30 AM
I was wondering if anyone could suggest a radio in dash install kit for my car? The one I got from Crutchfield when I got my radio is horrible. I cannot mount the radio in, instead it just sits in there with nothing holding it in. It was so loose I had to use duct tape to hold it in while I drive. Every thing else is fine, but I would like a new install kit so I could secure my radio down. Also, I cant even screw the trim panel back on with this kit.

05-22-11, 09:03 AM
Is the brand of this kit "Scoche" or something like that? or "Metra?" I believe those are the only 2 that make these retro kits - and they are cheap plastic. Try Ebay, and search for a different manufacturer for the '90.

05-22-11, 07:24 PM
Actually it wasnt either of those two... I just bought a Metra kit today and it fit exactly and doesnt seem real cheap plastic. It felt strong, So strong that I had to get a pair of pliers to break the tabs out to slide the radio in, something I didnt have to do with the other kit...