: Is it risky to buy the 2010 based on new engine before it's been reviewed/tested?

05-20-11, 10:18 AM
I loved the Cadillac's ride, but just a little nervous about the 2011 non turbo engine. Thinking I should order a 2012 - but what if it's not any better? Is it just about guaranteed to have better accleration? Has it been driven and reviewed and yet?

Smokin' SRX
05-20-11, 10:35 AM
Wow.been talked about so much ......all I can say is yes, the 2011 eng (non-turbo) is more than adequate, but if you're coming from a V-8 or Turbo sled now, you'll be disappointed. If you just want a fine Crossover that has no problem winding up, it's great eng to pass/merge, get the 2011 SRX.

If however you can wait 2 months, WANT top power (on regular gas!) and few minor updates (door lock buttons on both dash and door panels as well, etc) the 3.6L eng is almost re-dentical to the 3.6L in Caddy CTS, Buick Enclave . I had one and it WILL surpass the current engine's power by about 10-15%, while giving slightly better MPG! (maybe 1-2 local, maybe 1-3 highway?) A great engine. Probably cost a few bucks more too.

Know thyself,,,,,,and TEST drive a 2011 extensively!


05-22-11, 09:59 AM
Wait for the 2012 to hit the stealerships, then test drive both the 2012 and a leftover 2011. If you are happy with the 2011, I'm sure you'll get a smokin deal on it. Be sure to do a thorough test drive on both, especially if you live in an area with hills or mountains.