: emissions facts sheet? 1981 v8-6-4 368 with catalytic converter and o2 sensor

05-20-11, 03:12 AM
hi cadillac friends

i've a problem.
in Austria (europe) my cadillac 1981 v8-6-4 368 is taxed without catalytic converter and so i must pay 20 % aditional tax and get a green plate for the car.

i know that original ther was a catalytic converter with o2 sensor... i've all but not the cat (i would buy).

but to get white plate and not to pay 20 % aditional tax i have to give our government once a fact sheet of general GM importeur of austria that my car have catalytic converter and o2 in original delivery (i wrote there and hope i'll get the sheet)

government needs a kind of fact sheet of cadillacs emission in 1981 but i don't know where to get these information?
Cox, Co, ......

does anybody know where to get a kind of facts sheet about this information for my cadillac? has anybody a kind of technical facts sheet of an other government?

i thank you all very very much for your help.

it would be great to get some sheets to spend my money into fuel not into government :)



05-20-11, 09:16 AM
Here's the 1981 brochures. The engine and emission stuff is towards the end.



Also, you could just buy a factory service manual and show them the diagrams that clearly show the emissions equipment and the catalytic converter.

05-20-11, 09:21 AM
^ FSM is brilliant!

05-20-11, 03:45 PM
i have all these brochures and factory service manual but nowhere i found the co2 co and so on....


05-20-11, 05:13 PM
Also, isn't all the info they need on the emissions decal on the rad core support?

06-07-11, 06:02 AM
Also, isn't all the info they need on the emissions decal on the rad core support?

i got some pictures from an other cad with this emissions decal, but for our law thats not enough..

what emissions have 81 cads? is this the US 83? and if yesh is this somewhere written?

thanks a lot...