: Would pick the srx over the Audi Q5, the Volvo xc60, or the Lexus RX 350?

05-19-11, 07:00 PM
What are your reasons? Those are my top 4 and I just am not sure

05-19-11, 07:38 PM
A car that is made in the USA.

05-19-11, 07:40 PM
And which one would that one be?

05-19-11, 11:20 PM
Not only , would I . . but I just DID.

I looked at ALL of those and the Infinity FX35, and selected the Cadillac SRX AWD Premium. Just brought her home today.

Why? It fit what I was looking for . . that's all. FX 35 had very little room in the back seats. Lexus looks like an egg on wheels. Audi and Volvo both were just not what I was looking for in the structure of a car.

Certainly there are more powerful engines than the Cadillac SRX . . but wow . . I just LOVE driving mine. SRX was the last of the SUV's we tested . . and I just instantly fell in love.

05-20-11, 06:57 AM
One word....Progressive and Industry leading Styling inside and out.

Plus what the SRX lacks in acceleration, she more than makes up for in ride and handling.

05-20-11, 07:59 AM
I think you should get a Lexus... I'm starting to see too many Cadillacs on the road.

Smokin' SRX
05-20-11, 10:06 AM
That's cause they stand out! Hundreds look like thousands. The Lexi are......well.....you could die of boredom! If it doesn't kill you by racing ahead, without touching the gas........... and they only knew about it for 2 years!!

05-20-11, 10:14 AM
As far as safety goes, they all get high marks, but which truly do you consider the safest? And which would be best on gas mileage? Towing a small trailer with a pony in it (about 3000 lbs total)?

Smokin' SRX
05-20-11, 10:55 AM
IIHS/ Gov Safety scores do not include serious and undisclosed sticky gas pedals, unfortunately. Even the super-biased, anti-American, Consumer Reports Magazine dropped Toyota (and Lexus) from Recommended Buy after the problem surfaced.....

But honestly, for a 3,000 lb trailer and pony ( I'm jealous!!) get a Buick Enclave/GMC Acadia Denali!! Quieter, smoother riding, bigger Lux-ute by about 15%, bigger eng, more mass, same/better MPG, much better for towing 3,000 lbs in my opinion. (I owned a 2008 Enclave)

Sure the 2011 SRX will do it, (ONLY if you have the Trailering Package, otherwise it's a 2,500 lb limit!) but if I did it often, I'd consider the new 2012 SRX ( with the CTS/Enclave's 3.6LK eng) as an "ins policy". Comes out in 2 months!



Smokin' SRX
05-20-11, 11:09 AM

05-20-11, 11:59 AM
Yup here too. 2012 SRX.......if it had the third row seating. Do any of the vehicles in this thread topic have 3rd row seating? Otherwise, I'd be looking at Smokin's choices.


05-20-11, 03:03 PM
What are your reasons? Those are my top 4 and I just am not sure

We looked at and drove all the above, liked the SRX (2011) better. Turned in a Bonnie SSEi with 188,000 trouble free miles. Yes, GM has had some problems, but the SRX seems to be well "sorted" out. Returned from 3,000+ mile road trip NO problem!! SRX is comfortable - overall mpg 22.1 - just one opinion. :-) We did get the trailering package with AWD. :-) Now if Magnaflow would make an exhaust system for the SRX ;-)!