View Full Version : New here. Need Ideas.

05-19-11, 06:36 PM
Hello. I am new to this particular forum. I do not own an Allante. My father owns 2. I am looking for some "gifts" for him. Whether it be preventative maintenance parts, or any other goodies; I am open to suggestions. I bought him the zeno kit and he loves that. Ive been home waiting to head back for graduation, so it is nice to keep him out of my hair. Thank you in advance.

c5 rv
05-19-11, 10:04 PM
What years are his Allantes? If he doesn't have one, I have an 87/88 factory service manual that I will pay-it-forward.

Other ideas:

- Stoners glass cleaner (aerosol)
- Lexol leather treatment
- Convertible top shampoo and treatment
- Auto detailing attachment kit for shop vac at Home Depot.

05-20-11, 12:20 PM
Thanks! He has an 89' and a 92' (red and a beige-ish color). Pretty cars. He is meticulous with everything on them so the roof treatment doesnt sound like such a bad idea. He seems to be having some electrical bugs in the 89' though.

05-21-11, 03:24 AM
A battery trickle charger is a good idea.