: New guy here...

05-19-11, 10:25 AM
Hi everyone... my name is Mike and I live in Phoenix, AZ... just purchased my first Caddy from a forum member here in town... an 04 CTS-V... I've always wanted one and finally jumped on board. I'm a bus mechanic, so hopefully I can be of assistance with general questions and I hope to gain knowledge from all the experts here :)

My previous ride was an 08 Accord 6-6... not sure if anyone knows or cares about Hondas... it wasn't a performance car, but it wasn't exactly slow either. I had it "stanced" and well I just got plain sick of driving it that way, so I sold all the parts and currently have it on the market for sale... anyways I've already worked up a list of parts I want for this thing after reading some informative posts... :)

05-19-11, 11:03 AM
:welcome: Hi !!! Welcome Aboard...............

You're gonna have fun up in CTS-V. Some of those guys can be a bit ........ummmm.....opinionated. Stay quick on your feet and don't fall for the bling and snake oil.

05-19-11, 12:21 PM
:welcome: :yeah:

05-19-11, 01:26 PM
Welcome to the Forums, Mike! Sub speaks the truth.

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05-20-11, 12:24 AM
Thanks I'll keep that in mind...

05-20-11, 05:04 AM
Hello and welcome

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M Charles
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