: 05 STS - Where can I buy Bose audio repair parts ?

05-19-11, 06:17 AM
I want to buy a new 6 Disc changer for my navigation unit in the 05 STS.
Because I can not play CDs with the changer.
Where can I buy these changer alone without the complete unit ?


05-19-11, 09:12 AM
It is unlikely that you can, unless you get lucky and find something on eBay. The authorized GM Electronic Service Centres are about the only place, but my experience is that they won't sell parts, they will only repair the item for you. The GM ESC's are who dealerships use and will be the only centres authorized to purchase the parts for these units from Denso.

05-20-11, 07:13 AM


05-20-11, 08:33 AM
in europe you can not find Cadillacs on the junkyard....
and on the road its a rarity.

05-20-11, 09:24 AM
Search google for 'cadillac bose system repairs' and there is a website http://www.carstereohelp.com/cadillac.htm, thats a place to start. However, it looks like they may only repair older units. Still worth a shot though, if not the whole unit may need to be replaced. My experience is sometimes you just cant get the part you need to fix somethings. I think its because the supplier and GM have a agreement that the supplier that replacement parts are only available to GM and not the public.
I had a 97 Blazer and the sunroof broke, I took the tab that broke to GM and they said I had to buy a whole new sunroof at about 1200 bucks. I couldnt believe it! So my dad took the other part that wasnt broke (there were 2 tabs) to work and had a machinist make two from titanium for 100 bucks. The machinist said they would last forever.

05-20-11, 11:05 AM
Carstereohelp.com is in Florida just east of Orlando. They have repaired my Bose CD player in my Allante a couple of years ago and were very good but the kicker is they don't repair (at this time) the newer 05-10 STS units. (I called them.).

05-20-11, 03:40 PM
OK, thank you for all answers...
I contact "www.carstereohelp.com" and I hope they can help me. 

With best wishes from Germany