: ECU TROUBLE! IMPORTANT! How to fix or replace cut wires to ecu?

05-19-11, 01:15 AM
Hi I was having trouble removing the air box, and stupid me tried to remove the container with the ecu in it, in my 98 cadillac deville, unfortunately I tried cutting the wire harness while doing so think in was a hose for air or something, So i cut about 11 wires in doing so. The car started making noises right after i cut the wires. my question is what do i do to fix this? I cant see where the wires are going to and if i remove the ecu what will happen? and how do i get new wires?

00 Deville
05-19-11, 08:51 AM
You have 2 choices... either replace the electrical harness that you cut with a new or used one or have someone that is experienced at splicing wires repair the harness, make sure they use moisture proof splices since the repair will be exposed to the elements.

05-19-11, 09:35 AM
Your car has a PCM - Powertrain Control Module - which is the primary control "computer" for the engine, suspension, and transmission as well as about 9 skrillion other functions. The FWD ECU's (Engine Control Unit) went away in 1995/6 I believe.

As posted, replace the entire harness - no fun, but your only satisfactory solution. Junkyard time.

05-26-11, 09:44 PM
I have a 97 Deville coming apart next week. Harness should be the same unless you have a different number of O2 sensors. The only other harnesses i have right now are for sevilles (all STS). Not sure if they are the same or not, but i have anything from 95-2001.

Let me know if you need one.