: Dimming-to-off interior courtesy lamps?

05-19-11, 12:40 AM
Is there any way I can mod the interior courtesy lamps to slowly dim and turn off after the door is shut?

As far as I can tell from the schematics the manual lamp operating switch and door courtesy lights are controlled by different relays. Adding a capacitor or some sort of device would do the work? I am just having lots of ideas here.

Always thought that the dimming lights are cool.

Any help would be appreciated.

07-16-11, 02:38 PM
Capacitors are devices that charge up on a ramp curve, then discharge all at once. Think about the charging circuits on a photo-strobe or a stun-gun. Those are capacitive discharge devices. You're talking about adding resistance until off. I'd have to think on it and I have more pressing concerns at the moment -- like getting back out in the heat and putting my dimmer switch in. Gah!

Sorry, can't give you the answer you want.