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05-18-11, 12:34 AM
Hello again all... I am troubleshooting lights on my 2006 STS, and my side markers are not working. To be more specific, the front and rear turn signals are working, but the bumper mounted marker & fender side markers are not working. I replaced the bulbs today thinking this was the problem to no avail. So i looked through the owners manual to find the corresponding fuse, once again to be baffled. Can anyone please direct me to the correct fuse for these, and its location (under hood/under rear seat). thanks again all for this hopefully trivial problem.

05-18-11, 10:03 PM
There are actually two fuses for the side marker lamps. One is "LT PARK" for the left side, and the other is "RT PARK" for the right. Each is 10A and both are located in the under hood fuse block. If all four lamps went out at once, I'd be more suspicious of the park lamp relay, also in the under hood fuse block.

Charles Warren
06-07-15, 09:20 PM
My 08 is having the same issues. I looked in the fuse box and those are not blown and the taillights have no hyper flash. I need to bring out the test light to see if I'm getting any voltage. The rear side markers work but the fender reapeaters and front side markers are not working. The front drl/turns work as well. Seems like a easy fix once I trouble shoot it. Just lazy lol. Planes to cars smh lol

06-07-15, 10:01 PM
With only the fender mounted repeater lamps not working (in the signal lamp circuit), there will not be enough change in current draw to cause hyperflash. Have a look in the sockets for corrosion and check for poor contact with the bulb. I've had the same issue and that was my resolution.

06-07-15, 10:26 PM
Feel free to swap them out with a set of these LEDs instead :)

I'm using these ones:

Our car uses the same repeater lamps as the "VAUXHALL ASTRA MK4" uses, they have a bit more spacing behind them compared to ours though so the cabling can be a bit tight.
Since you have to mess with yours anyways you might as well upgrade to LED :)

06-07-15, 10:58 PM
Not sure what's up with that vendor though. They will ship worldwide, but for some reason Canada (and some other countries listed) are ineligible. The item is in the United Kingdom, but apparently they won't even ship there???

06-08-15, 09:49 AM
LOL that is pretty strange. I don't recall what seller I got mine from as it has been probably 2 years by now since I installed them.

06-08-15, 10:59 AM
...if needed...I've got a spare pair... ;) :D

...btw...here the complete thread/theme:

...offtopic end :)

06-08-15, 12:41 PM
Thanks. I'm still contemplating because as I'm sure you know, I'm pretty particular about keeping everything GM (correct me if I'm wrong, but these appear aftermarket).

I'm not worried about the sealed connection. I have the necessary parts to change the wedge style connector to a sealed connector that will mate directly with the harness. If I go ahead I'll PM you.