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05-17-11, 05:53 PM
Just a quick message to thank everybody for their kind messages and support. I am glad to report that business is going very well and that I am pleased to be able to supply genuine parts for the BLS at sensible prices. It appears that all the hard work and research has paid off.

I am also able to offer some technical advice, information regarding service schedules and labour times.

Once again, many thanks for your support.


05-18-11, 12:54 PM
I saw the service kits on ebay but cant see them on the website, how much are they ?

05-28-11, 02:48 AM
The prices will be cheaper than on Ebay due to lower costs. As I am running this business part time, studying part time and working full time. Therefore I am slowly listing new items on the website. Also service kits are dependant on mileage and also model year. How many miles have you covered? If you would like I can do you a quote for a kit. Please email me back on I can't remember which engine you've got. Regards, Stephen

05-28-11, 08:11 AM
I purchased a couple of items.Excellent transaction.

01-11-13, 09:28 AM
www.lucemautoparts.co.uk <-- takes me to a Moroccan Cusion Store website...NICE!

01-17-13, 07:23 AM
Same for me :confused:

01-21-13, 12:31 PM
The shop seems to be closed.

The online shop you were looking for has been closed
it was built using ekmPowershop.com, an easy to use online shop builder

Best regards