: End of the line/end of an era RIP

05-17-11, 03:13 PM
:crying2:General Motors has quietly phased out production of the Cadillac STS. The last sedan drove off the Lansing Grand River assembly line last week.

The ending of STS production will not result in any layoffs, however, as all workers will retain the same hours and will continue to build the CTS. The STS and the high performance STS-V have been made at the factory since August 2004. Since then, 125,000 STSes have been produced.

Next year workers will begin production of a new small Cadillac says brand spokesperson Jordana Strosberg. GM officials call the new car the "alpha platform," but it will reportedly be called the ATS when it hits dealers.

Replacing both the STS and DTS in Caddy's lineup is a new full sized luxury sedan based on the XTS Concept, although official production of this car has yet to be confirmed.

05-17-11, 06:47 PM
Thread going on this already...


05-17-11, 06:59 PM
Sorry - My bad:thepan:

05-17-11, 09:28 PM
Once upon a time, 2 gearheads saw what a guy named Miller was doing with an I4 OHC marine engine. The 4-liter Meyer/Drake DOHC ruled Indy until Offenhauser improved the airflow even more. An engine is an air pump. He who flows, goes.

I love my STS. I wouldn't be surprised if I replace my 2006 with a '09 or '10 1SG. I'm never buying new again. But I prefer V-8's. If I compromise there, the field is wide open. I may as well look for a 400HP 4-liter-I4. Today's 'materials science' and 'forced induction' makes it easier than ever to isolate the powerplant from the driver while prodicing serious power. It sure is a shame that an elegant V8 design is once again discarded.

It is also a shame that GM went to market with more high-tech than they had ready for primetime. Mercedes did the same thing a few years earlier, but their brand image sustained their failures. The STS is still an outstanding car. Alas...

05-18-11, 08:44 AM
You can expect the values of the 2005+ cars to now drop even faster

Wait a few months and I am certain you will see the impact....add to this when the new "replacement" rolls into the showrooms
As I said to the salesman as I was trading in my 02...my expectation is that the newer cars will hold value no better than the older body style
A fact that has been now proven to be the case

Especially now when you are seeing many 05's for less than $10K

...and to think I read that used car values were on the rise.....just for some models apparently


05-18-11, 11:54 AM
I so hope that this is true. I have grand plans to acquire a 2008 or 2009 STS-V in a couple of years.