: PLEEEEASE HELP me with the pinion nut i am so tired.......

10-12-04, 01:07 AM
I can't remove it I keep torching the pinion nut and just a few mins ago i broke my new ratchet i bought today a craftsman 3/8 drive.

im thinking of buying a 3/4 ratchet but i want to know why is it so dam difficult to take it off and what other method should i use or should i jsut borrow an air pistol/air drill/impact gun(not sure what its called) air gun and try that way?

i have a "breaker bar" that is 2 feet long and instead of the nut turning the ratchet broke lol well let me know what you think of my problem?

10-12-04, 01:50 AM

Are you talking about the nut on the end of the "pitman shaft" ? Not sure what the pinion nut is?

If it is the Pitman, it shouldn't need heat. It's just a nut w/washer on the bottom end of the shaft holding on the pitman arm. The nut is torqued fairly tight at 179 LB-FT. That's a big job for a 3/8 in ratchet. A 1/2 inch breaker bar using a 1/2 drive socket (not a 3/8 drive socket with adapter) should break that nut. A "cheater-pipe" might help ease it off too.

You mentioned about getting a 3/4 inch ratchet? That's way too much power necessary, and the cost of a real 3/4 inch ratchet is enormous.

Using an impact or air wrench on the end of the pitman shaft should not be necessary, and could possibly even damage the internal gearing, I think. Someone who has actually rebuilt a gear box may have a different opinion on this. I replaced a gear box on my old Chevy Impala about six years ago, and remember the pitman nut was tough, but not impossible. All I used was the 1/2 inch breaker bar and possibly a cheater-pipe.

Good luck.

10-12-04, 03:58 AM
sorry for not being clear the pinion nut is teh the nut that holds the pinion inside of the differential its actually on teh outside right after you remove the driveshaft.

That was my thought too it might've been the ratchet wasn't meant for so much power ill at least get a 1/2 ratchet but the socket is a 3/4 socket so i may just go ahead and get the 3/4 ratchet.

10-12-04, 09:30 AM
You definitely need a 1/2 drive breaker bar at the least, preferably an impact gun if you have access to air....those are usually on with about 250-300 lbs/ft of torque....
Good Luck!

10-12-04, 01:10 PM
Sorry, I was way off base with my help.

barge master
10-12-04, 08:17 PM
Put an air impact to it, no question. You are aware that you mustn't slam that nut in too far on reassembly right? If you do you'll change the pinion depth and set it up for failure or at least a hum in the diff. Put it back just a whisker tighter than it came off.

10-12-04, 11:03 PM
good news i did it got done with the nut i just bought a 1/2 drive breaker bar and it got done thanks all for your help.