: Bug shield

05-15-11, 07:29 PM
Does anyone have one of these bug shields? From the pic the it looks good. Any real pics? I see they come in smoked and color match and chrome. I like the fact that you can still see the chrome on the hood.

05-16-11, 10:10 AM
I've always wondered what those things actually do and if they really work.

05-16-11, 12:20 PM
That's going to be a cosmetic addition only.

99% of the bugs end up on the bumper and grill.

05-17-11, 09:11 PM
I put one one to cover up a small dent right on the lip of the hood. The previous owner claims the dealership did it while closing the hood but never went back to get it fixed. Looks alright to me and cheaper than fixing the hood.

05-23-11, 08:27 PM
I was going to get a bra for the winter and have a bug deflector just for cosmetic features.

does anyone know if you can still fit the bra on with a bug deflector installed?

05-23-11, 08:38 PM
Any pics of the bra on an escalade?

05-23-11, 09:09 PM
Na i dont have any. there are a few on ebay that i was looking at.