: Best hi 2 low converter for subs?

05-13-11, 01:16 PM
Im rounding up all the wires needed to put subs in my ext. I heard that bass is lost in cheap hi2low converters, is this true? I was looking in youtube and found out about Audiocontrols lc2i and how it gives better and louder sound. I have seen it in ebay and online for 100+. Is it worth it? I have also seen hi2low converters by other companys that have equalizers/sound processors?

As of right now im just going to take out one of my 15inch kicker l7 out of my yukon. For later, I dont know if I should remove the midgate to put 2 kickers 15s or to get one of the midgates with the subs built it. Does anyone have one of them midgates with the subs built in? Do they sound good? Im scared it will sound bad because of how small the box realy is.