: oil filter

05-13-11, 11:49 AM
2010 camry. plastic filter cover with drain. changed oil and filter wrench broke. put in new oil. drove it for a few days. got new wrench and changed filter today. oil that came out of filter was black. maybe 1/3 qt. checked dipstick level and it was gold. like honey. is it possible filter is/was in bypass and not circulating fresh oil thru it? seems pretty odd. oil level on dipstick is ok and i can see clean oil on it. real clean.

05-13-11, 07:20 PM
maybe the clean oil draining thru the dirty filter makes it dirty? like fresh water thru a coffee maker?

05-13-11, 08:41 PM
Not so. Something else is fishy - Camry, Cadillac or Ferrari - you change the oil and filter(s) and what you get on the stick and in the filter is CLEAN.

johnny kannapo
05-14-11, 02:23 AM
The filter will accumulate carbon & sludge that has settled in the filter can for 8000mi.

Then adding fresh oil with a full strength dose of fresh additives may have desolved the settled crud on the dirty side of the element.
I imagine you use a good oil.

What you were seeing was the dirt trapped on the dirty side of the filter.
It seems a certainty that if the oil didn't flow thru the filter there would be big problems.

05-14-11, 08:55 AM
drained oil. it was black. drained filter. it was black. broke wrench. put in new oil. mobil 1. 3 days later, drained filter oil. it was black. new filter. checked dipstick. gold. honey. very clean. so now, after driving 1 day i could drain filter again. for kicks i suppose. see what filter oil looks like? filter housing is plastic. has large external o-ring. real hard to grab with hand. housing has 14flat "hex" to use with large socket. anyone who uses a plastic cannister with o-ring knows how to tighten them. once housing is bottomed out, you can feel it.

johnny kannapo
05-14-11, 01:43 PM
You are saying the filter is a drop-in cartridge? There must be a specific filter tool the makes life easy that other Toyota owners are using.
M1 has a reputation for having excellent cleaning abilities. Its known for cleaning up the crankcase very well & keeping it that way.

It would have been better if you didn't add 5 qts. of fresh Mobil 1 and run it through a dirty filter.
You better make sure you are getting all the "o" rings placed correctly & make sure you don't double them up.

A simple task can have grave consequences, you better do some googling. The Camry may be the most common car ever built of all time.

Is this it?- not much info offered

05-17-11, 11:41 AM
yes, that is my style filter. looks like oil flows from the outside to the inside? so outside pleats would hold lots of crud and draining would let dirty oil drizzle out bottom of canister? my o-ring was not in correct groove. actually was at bottom lip. but i had no leaks. i put new o-ring in and installed canister without element. than i took it off. o-ring stayed in proper groove. the pleats feel like they are wax coated material. they feel very stiff.

05-18-11, 02:38 AM
^ I thought really old cars used that type of canister oil filter, and that everybody switched out to the conventional spin on type filters back in the late 50's.