: '85 and '88 Brougham at my local yard, any requests?

05-13-11, 11:24 AM
'85 Brougham:

-Was sitting under a tree, covered in dirt and moss
-Fillers are all there, stained with dirt, paint cracking. Could be restored
-Blue cloth interior

'88 Brougham:

-Metallic Silver/blue
-Has all fillers except the one under driver's turn signal, all in great shape

05-13-11, 11:39 AM
I need filler under passenger turn signal!

Would also still like one window switch cover (just the chrome switch cover)

Think that's all I really need...need a back bumper but shipping would be a rape lol

05-13-11, 11:43 AM
Don't worry about it, the back bumpers on both of them are completely rusted out. Lots of people looking for fillers as usual, I might not have enough to go around!

05-13-11, 12:45 PM
In addition to what we PM'd, I still need a blue driver's armrest (4dr). The mid 80s blue, not the dark blue.

05-13-11, 07:55 PM
Pictures, as promised:





The bumper was completely rusted through:






I took all the fillers except the front-drivers ones on the '88, because they were cracked from a collision, and the rear-drivers ones on the '85 because the bolts were too rusty to remove. Had to remove the rear bumpers from both of them to get the rear fillers.

Didn't have time to get the arm rest from the '85, but I don't think you'd want it anyways. That car smelled awful inside (it had been sitting under a tree for the past few years it seems), and the armrest was sort of bent.

cadillac kevin
05-15-11, 12:15 AM
I need a set of rear fender fillers, center rear bumper filler, and both front fender fillers (the ones on the sides of the car). I'd like whichever ones are in better shape (I don't care what color they are)

05-16-11, 02:34 PM
I am looking for the grey spare tire cover for the un-inflated spare, the inflator cannister and bracket, the wheel chock and the screw bolt with wingnut that holds the jack in place.
Cheers Robert

05-16-11, 03:02 PM
What years had the inflatable spare? I have never seen one...

05-16-11, 04:02 PM
My 79 Deville phaeton, 77-79 with Deville/fleetwood for sure,
a bunch of Eldo's had them and camaro's, trans am's from the late 60's thru the early 80's

05-16-11, 06:28 PM
I knew about the muscle/pony cars. Never knew full size got them!

05-16-11, 08:05 PM
Ohhh, I also need a rear view mirror, and for my ragtop lesabre a GM B-Body dual exhaust cross member.

cadillac kevin
05-16-11, 10:12 PM
is that a leather wrapped wheel in the '85 fwb?

05-16-11, 10:28 PM
Those are some spiffy looking hubcaps on that 85, even if they aren't year correct. I'd guess they're late 60's to mid 70's vintage, in good shape those are worth at least $30 each.

cadillac kevin
05-17-11, 12:40 AM
^I love those poverty style caps. they were used into the early 80's. I'd be tempted to snag them, but shipping from canada is not cheap

05-17-11, 05:29 PM
Here's what I've got for fillers:

-A complete set of white fillers:


-A nearly complete set of grey fillers: (Missing the 2 front driver's side pieces, they were damaged in a collision)


These were a big hassle to get my hands on. Every bolt was rusted in place on the white '85, and the underside had wasp nests in it! I also spent a few hours cleaning them all, they were very dirty and stained from the rusty bolts.

See the parts thread for pricing.

05-23-11, 02:34 PM
Hi there.

I need a driver side control switch panel. The one with the doorlock controls and widow controls.

Do you still have that available?

I am in BC, Chilliwack.

Kind regards
Mack (yackarony at yahoo)

05-23-11, 02:41 PM
The cars are still at the yard, so it should still be available. They will probably charge me between $10 and $15 for it. Let me know if you want it.

05-24-11, 06:33 PM
Any luck with the trunk parts?
I am looking for the grey spare tire cover for the un-inflated spare, the inflator cannister and bracket, the wheel chock and the screw bolt with wingnut that holds the jack in place.
I also need a rear view mirror in very good condition
Cheers Robert

05-24-11, 08:11 PM
None of those cars have the un-inflated spare. Did you need the auto-dimming rearview mirror?

05-25-11, 04:26 PM
No just a regular rear view mirror that has a clean mirror and will stay in one place when you adjust it!

05-25-11, 04:50 PM
I have an extra auto-dimming mirror that doesn't work.

Seems the mirror from the '85 was taken already, the '88 had a regular mirror in it. Not sure if I'm going back there though, it's kind of a long drive from my house..

05-25-11, 06:13 PM
Thanks for the quick response, totally don't expect you to drive out just for a mirror
It should be the same for ton's of GM cars from the early 70's thru the 80's
Put me on the wish list if you're back there at some point
Cheers Robert