: Catch up! 2009-V Seeking your experience... suspension, bolt-on's, system..

05-13-11, 02:29 AM
Hey guys,

just picked up an 09 V. I started building cars on bags and have slowly turned into a muscle car junkie... I am wanting to see for "Daily Drivability" where you guys have gotten from your collective improvements. I am thinking Eibach lowering springs, Air intake, Electronic exhaust manifolds 3" straight back for "closed manifolds dual Borla Mufflers keeping all CATS to retain warranty. Tune (need advice where to go or who makes best tune ) last keeping stock head unit but new mids/highs and 1 jl audio W7 12" powered by 1000/1 ported through rear.

Like I said before This is my daily driver so I dont want to go crazy with it want to retain all warranties while getting best bang for my buck.

Has the noises form the lowering springs been figured out ? I have seen many posts on this but none stated the "real issue" and how to fix it..

also anyone here do a custom headliner and fix the flimsy cover that covers the Pano roof.. so annoying with windows down and it flapping around..

How about 22" rims with the lowering springs -- Rubbing issues ??

I have enjoyed all your other posts and look forward to some feedback.

05-13-11, 08:00 AM
I think you'll need to avoid the tune and springs (MR suspension) to retain that warranty, and I doubt you'll get much support for the 22s around here, but I'd personally love to see someone redo the headliner with alcantara- Maybe also cover some of the factory plastic with it too like on that Wagon prototype they showed in NY last year...

05-13-11, 11:37 AM
Many out there rave about the look of the 21" whel/tire combo. I get a 255 front ad 295 rear so it looks thick and squared off. Although many like the 20" and I agree it does look great, but...I wanted just a bit more wheel footprint so I opted for the 21" which was a great choice....I would alwasy have wanted a bit more wheel.

Now a 22" wheel/tire is getting too tall, IMHO.

Whatever you do...make sure you get a real knowledgable wheel Pro in the know to measure and re-measure so you are assured of the correct "off-set" for your wheel/tire package. Nothing ooks worse than a car with wheels/tires sitting outside the fender line, rubbing and causing poor performance.

See WFO's Coupe Photo Shoot, I do have a black V Sedan Photo Shoot on here as well and it too is shod with 21", but I no longer have this car. BigJoeD has these wheels and they look great on his ride. The 21" combo works with absolutley no issues and to me looks the best for this car.

The lowering spring question is a good one. To date I have not know of any permanent solution to annoying squeak that will eventually permeate from beneath the beast, in my case it's in the front right side. If you are not experiencing it just yet, great, but good chances are you will later on. To some, more squeak than others, but you know it's there and I can't stand it either.

I currently use the D3lowering springs and use the included spring sleeves for both the upper and lower portions of the front springs and the suspension rods to fool the Mag Ride suspension computer into thinking it's completed a normal cycle length (either compressing or rebounding). Without these suspension rods it could, in my case it did illuminated a "service suspension".

05-13-11, 01:56 PM
It sounds like you have an unlimited "debt ceiling". I look for more frugal ways to do things, so I modify more but spend less. I just cut the rears and they work flawlessly. I'm still on the stock rods too, but am only considering shortening them. I think any decent cat-back system would retain the warranty too.

05-13-11, 08:25 PM
Never thought of cutting the original springs...:hmm: No suspension lights, or issues.. ?

The 22" seem small to me. This though coming from a guy who's first truck lay'd frame on 27's. I'm liking the stock 19"s powdercoated right now. But the tires had little tread left when i picked it up and I burned through that in the last 3 weeks. So new tires will soon be needed. When browsing the D3 website there is a picture of a black CTS-V on the track that has 21" or 22"s and looks really clean with chrome centers. (its on the home page under the tab "D3 tuner power kits")

I took my caddy in to my las vegas dealer for a quick inspection and for them to print out the vehicle history. I get my V back and now the steering wheel is tilted 15 degrees to the left and I have a nice chunk out of my front right rim. Some retard must have thrown it into a curb. Of course they say it never left the lot. :banghead:

My service guy said they would allow. Exhaust as long as I keep all 4 cats. Springs are ok. and tune "just don't get caught"

Anyone on here install matte black or gloss black D3 Grills and vents & have pics.. ?

05-14-11, 10:54 AM
Congrats on the new ride! Seems you can get a lot of power out of just a CAI (Airraid, KPE, Halltech, etc.) and a tune. From there you get into pulleys and exhaust, then porting/polishing, heads, cams.

As far as the warranty, if you have some sort of catastrophic failure (engine/trans) and the car has anything more than a bolt on exhaust (cat-back/axle back) I doubt you'll be covered. Even if your GM service advisor is your little brother GM WILL send out an inspector and if the car has been tuned they can tell forensically. I wouldn't worry about the warranty though, the 6.2 is pretty stout and it's got a little blower so mod on. The trans is the weak link.

Good luck!!

05-14-11, 11:38 AM
I think 20's with a slight drop would be the best all around package with 21's being on the more show than go side. I don't think 21's with there short sidewall will be able to hook up even pulley only power let alone anymore. Not that 19's work great with 600+whp. It doesn't sound like you have immediate plans of upping the power though. I would put some miles on it to make sure you dont have existing issues then mod as you wish and toss the powertrain warrenty. My 2011's warrenty will be gone before 300miles are on it. Its a shame to have a V2 without at least a pulley on it. Enjoy your new ride you will love it.

05-14-11, 02:14 PM
Any one else have trouble launching with the triptonic? I keep hitting the Rev limiter and having a "bumpy" shift. Can't seem to lock it down..

05-14-11, 02:15 PM
Also would love to see what you all have done with you wheel/ tire combos. Any of you have pictures ?

05-14-11, 06:29 PM

Here are my 19" Forgelines of my last V, I don't think I'll run them on my BD V though.