: Signiture is missing

05-12-11, 06:38 PM
How come i don';t see my signature at the bottom of a post
i thought that your signature is supposed to be and show at the bottom of your post and PM's but i don't see it
is there a setting im missing or is this feature not working properly for others also ?

05-12-11, 07:28 PM
It only shows up on the first post from you on a page so as not to clutter the forum.

05-12-11, 09:00 PM
so wouldnt it show up on my first post here ?
i don't see it right now in post 1

05-12-11, 10:44 PM
I do. Maybe you have them turned off in settings or something.

05-13-11, 10:20 AM
ok cool i got it thanks