: 1993 Allante speedometer problem

05-12-11, 11:22 AM
Hello Guys---

Have a 93 Allante with analog instruments. Battery went bad during the winter-60 months exact--tried to start---I think low voltage caused a problem with the speedometer--it went from 0-140 MPH and pegged itself and has stayed there.
Replaced the battery--everything seems to work perfect--but the speedo is pegged and does not move--ignition on or off.

Hopeing the wisdom of the group can help.---Ray

D Yaros
05-14-11, 12:50 PM
I am having a little trouble wrapping my head around this one. If it is an analog dash, the speedo should be mechanical, not electrical. I cannot comprehend how changing the battery here would case the needle to peg out at 140 MPH? May sound dumb, but have you tried tapping on the speedometer cluster?

05-14-11, 05:50 PM
An electrical pulse sending unit at the tranny sens pulses to the speedo. Yes--I tried tapping on the cluster to no avail. But--we all get lucky once in a while. I decided to do another road test and try the cruise control for confirmation of failure. I didn't expect it to work but nothing ventured? Set up at aprox 40 MPH and voilla--the cruise engaged-but still 155 MPH on the speedo. Decided to accelerate the cruise to see what happens? At about 55 MPH--the speedo suddenly dropped to 55 MPH and has acted normally the rest of the test drive. Did a shut down -and started up-all good! Thanks so much for just offering an idea----Ray

D Yaros
05-21-11, 09:05 AM
Glad you found a solution. Great improvisation/thinking on your part!