: 2011 Nav disk upgrade on 2008 CTS HELP

05-12-11, 10:47 AM
I ordered the 2011 nav upgrade for my 2008 CTS along with the Gracenotes upgrade and now have two problems.

First, the Gracenotes DVD simply will not load. Contacted the Navdisc center and they have no idea, will not send me another DVD and want me to go to the dealer. They say the DVD player is bad, but I can play DVDs, CDs, and was able to run the Nav DVD upgrade. It is not the player.

Secondly, the Nav DVD installed but now I have the problems with the blank backup camera screen popping up (dont have a backup camera), favorites gone, voice controls, and switching channels quickly doesnt work, etc. (same thing everyone else is complaining about).

In each case I contacted the Navdisk people who insist i take the car to the dealership because it is not a software update problem. Odd, because the only change that occured was the update.

My CTS has 60k miles on it, so no warranty. Dealer wants to charge me a diagnostic fee and they told me they have no idea what to do to fix it.


05-12-11, 01:49 PM
i don't think there is any fix right now for the blank screen. If you load the updated map, you get the updated firmware, which includes the backup screen. the only workaround is to install the old firmware after you install the new map data. I am not sure how that is done as you don't have the old firmware on disc. post in the cts forum to see if anyone has one and can lend it to you. check these threads for info:



The other option is to install a backup camera (it's what I would do):


Check this thread about gracenotes:


There is a guy who tunes CTS-V that is working on his own firmware for the nav unit. It will fix the known problems and introduce some added functionality. Keep an eye in the V forum. I am sure he will post when he is done with it.